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What does the test cover?

Test on Wednesday (period 5) and Friday (period 1)

The material we covered jumped around a little, covering what I think is important in Evolution.

Mechanisms of pattern formation

We covered the end of chapter 18, starting on page 366-369 but also including the HOX genes and Evo/Devo which can be found on pages 445-446. This is essential to understand
how evolution can occur. You will not be responsible for details, but only reading and understanding figures.

Darwinian Evolution and Hardy Weinberg:

This is found in chapters 22 and 23. I did a lecture on 22 and we covered practice in the Hardy-Weinberg equation (which is in chapter 23). Also, you should look at a figure on page 490, which looks at how reproductive isolation can lead to speciation. Again, this is just to review the concept…not memorize random facts.
You should know the types of selective pressure (directional, stabilizing, and disruptive) and the types of speciation events (from the "geisel's songbirds" activity).

In addition, to cover the scope of adaptation in animals, we did a project that looked at selective pressures that led to major changes in several body systems.

Finally, we looked a bit at phylogenetic analysis. That you can see in chapter 26. Look at page 537 and then 540-545). I'm more interested in you looking at some example figures and the "inquiry boxes."