Gel Electrophoresis

This is a technique for determining the size of fragments of DNA. A variation of it can be used for Protein or RNA. I'm going to tell you and show you just what I think you might need to know. We will do more with the technique after the test. Read More…

Primer on Viruses

We didn't have time to do my usual mini project on viruses. I'm going to give you a brief primer on them. You won't need to know much more about them, I promise. Read More…

Links to "mindmaps"

Here are links to the "mind maps" that I have made. I may be adding more. Also, I'll link to some study guides from the year.
Evolution mind map
Cells mind map
Respiration/Photosynthesis mind map
environmental question mind map

Photo/Respiration study guide

Read More…

Dissolved O2 lab

There is a decent online "lab" to take you through some of the calculations.
Here is
the link Read More…

Link To Ecology 1 slides

Here is the link to the slides from today.