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Really short, but I hope interesting blog that relates to what we did today Read More...

Functional Groups

Here is the link to the PDF I was showing you earlier.

Rules for Structural Shorthand

We use a shorthand notation for organic molecules. I wanted to give you a little primer on it. You seem to get it ok. But, I thought I should have the rules written down. Read More...

Bonding Basics

This is a 25 minute screencast on bonding that should be entirely review for most of you. Listen to it if you think you would benefit from the review.
Here is a link:
screencast covering Bonding Basics.
There is a “table of contents” icon (just 4 horizontal lines at the lower right as you mouse over it). If you click on it, it will list several topics. You can skip to those you want to hear again.

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This is a graphic of the “tree of life” based on comparisons of ribosomes...the machine that makes protein. It was compiled a long time ago by Norman Pace. I’ve modified it slightly.
It’s not the most up to date complete. But, it gives you the idea.Pace Tree of Life

This is the most "up-to-date" tree of life, published last year:


If you are wondering where we are on it, the line labeled Opisthokonta, found at the lower right, includes all animals and fungus.