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Here are some suggestions for studying. Check back here again. I may add some ideas as late as Sunday Morning.

There will be no specific questions dealing with things like Redox balance or quantum. But, you should know how to balance a simple reaction and stoichiometry will certainly be involved.
Most of the questions will focus on equilibrium topics. But, you should review how a catalyst works and some basic kinetics. For example, you won't be asked to determine reaction order from data, but you should know what reaction order means…what's implied by a second order reaction versus a first, for example.
None of the "facts" we have covered about biological systems will be tested directly. But, you could see a question about a reaction that involves a biological molecule.
You will not be required to solve multiple equilibrium systems except a weak acid or base. But, you should be able to predict how two equilibria can affect each other.
Such as if A + 2B AB2 is at equilibrium and I add "C," given that A + 2C AC2, what will happen to the first equilibrium?
You should definitely be able to solve weak acid and base problems involving a Ka or Kb and also converting between pH and concentrations of either OH- or H3O+. You should be able to use Kw including if it is changed by temperature.
More to come?
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