Smart Board and other Review

This page will hold links to lots of review things over the next couple of days.
First, here is the link again, for Dr. Reynolds' folder.
We are mostly chapters 12 and 13 for this test. There may be isolated acid/base things pulled from Dr. Reynold's folder on chapter 13.
Here is a link to the smart board from period 1 today. And this is an extension of it from period 6-x
More will appear here as I construct it.

Here are the slides from the equilibrium discussion.

Intro Equilbrium

Here is a link to a screencast from today's lecture. It's a bit large. So, you might want to size it down.

Answers to Practice handout

Here is the link to my answers to the "pogil" handuout.
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Kinetics Intro


This study deals with the rates of reactions…and what you can learn by studying them.
I made a screencast. However, I was using this cool "interactive" presentation software and none of the screen got recorded…bummer. I only have the audio, which you are welcome to download and listen to as you go through the slide deck, which I will share as well.
Here is the link to the audio, to go with the slide show. Read More…

Links to study for test

Test Prep

Here is a
link to a version of the IMA quiz with answers provided.IMA QUiz asnwers
In addition, I would suggest also doing some of the WAs over again and I will be providing a WA for study purposes.
The concentration practice is also a good one to do. For Phase diagrams, be able to read them and predict what would happen at a given temperature and pressure.