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Atoms etc.

What is the evidence is there that there are atoms? Why do we think they exist? There are several lines of evidence.
By the way, the image above is of Mr Potato Head from Toy Story™ and is used without permission.
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Bonding and Naming Compounds

This is a first pass at explaining bonding, both ionic and covalent. We will refine our ideas, particularly for covalent bonds, as the year progresses.
Also, we will start some "naming of compounds.

Facts, Laws and Theories

The study of how we know things is called "epistemology." What does it mean to say you know something is true? Can you be certain of anything? It's actually a hard question and one that has occupied philosophers for millennia. We will base knowledge on what we can measure and we will never really be certain.
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Accuracy and Precision

You have probably heard the words "accuracy" and "precision" used as more or less the same thing. They don't…at least not in science. Understanding the difference is important in this class.
Disclaimer: Image above from and used without permission. But, seriously, if one of the lawyers from despair sees this, think of it as marketing. I show your stuff in class all the time.
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