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Protein blog

As I said earlier, a common theme in biology is how large "macromolecules" from subunits, usually known as monomers.
Proteins are arguably the most important and, inarguably, the most diverse of all the macromolecules.
Each protein begins as a long strand of hundreds (or thousands) of amino acids. Since there are 20 different amino acids commonly used, 100 amino acids would have 20100 possible sequences.
In practice, you won't see all possible ones and they are not randomly put together. Instead, the information in the DNA is used to specify what sequence is made (through a process we will learn about).
These chains then fold into complex structures you have seen.
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Intro Genetics and Meiosis

This has some review that you know about…but you might need review.
The image, which I think is from wiki-commons, shows one of Mendel's great errors. One of his "laws" says that genes don't blend. They don't blend…unless they do. In this case, the cross shows what we call "incomplete dominance."
I was going to do some online quizzes…but, the program no longer runs on my computer. I may do them on another machine…or finally adapt a new program.
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