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Intro Genetics and Meiosis

This has some review that you know about…but you might need review.
The image, which I think is from wiki-commons, shows one of Mendel's great errors. One of his "laws" says that genes don't blend. They don't blend…unless they do. In this case, the cross shows what we call "incomplete dominance."
I was going to do some online quizzes…but, the program no longer runs on my computer. I may do them on another machine…or finally adapt a new program.
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In some ways, photosynthesis and respiration are the opposites of each other. As we go through it, think "follow the electrons."

Here is a
link to a "mind map" comparing and contrasting the two.

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Enolase detail

I thought getting into the mechanism…even just the idea of a mechanism…would be useful. It turns out I posted this earlier in the year when we were first looking at enzymes. But, now that we are further along in the year and we are looking at the role of enolase in glycolysis, I thought I would repost it. This enzyme catalyzes the step right before pyruvate kinase, the second "pay-off" or substrate-level phosphorylation step.
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